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Bachelor of Science Degree

Enhance your value as a manager in your current position or climb the ladder to a higher management role by exploring the knowledge you can gain through earning your Bachelor of Science in Management degree. You will build a foundation of professional skills necessary to become a successful global business manager. Courses include an emphasis on analytical skills, communication skills, and knowledge you'll need to interpret and convey financial information. After degree completion, you'll be comfortable making business decisions, meeting customer needs, and formulating strategies and policies to meet organizational goals and objectives.

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Courses in the major include:

This course prepares students for success in their academic and professional careers. The foundation for adult learning is established, including professional skill development through practical experience. Learner strengths are assessed and analytical, relational, and resilience skills are developed.
This course focuses on the information and tools needed to apply critical thinking and problem solving to business decisions. Students explore critical components of the business environment that impact organizational success and gain understanding of the data sources and analytical tools that assist in the decision-making process. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course helps students create a foundation of knowledge and skills related to the types of managerial communication activities that managers are likely to face in a business environment. The course work focuses primarily on practicing written analysis, evaluation, and explanation of information in different formats including developing formal presentations. Students will have multiple opportunities to learn how to appropriately accept and apply feedback to improve their communication skills. Prerequisite: Acceptance into a College of Business accelerated degree completion program.
This course focuses on the skills required at the management level to understand financial data and reliable tools that drive decision making within the organization. Students will gain an overview of the practical application of accounting concepts and processes that relate to the overall economic health of the organization. Emphasis will be placed on how to use these basic concepts to support organizational decision making and growth in today's rapidly changing environment. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course investigates how management and leadership roles often overlap. This course provides insight and understanding of what effective managers and leaders do to optimize success within the business environment. Emphasis is placed on understanding leadership and its role in managing people through behavior, influence, and communication. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
The focus of this course is to understand the impact that behavior has on organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on how reward systems, personality, decision making, group dynamics, and organizational structure influence a company's ability to achieve its goals. Students will analyze the factors that affect organizational performance and contribute to organizational success. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course examines strategic decision making in a global environment and strategies for operating in a global economy. Emphasis will be placed on the benefits and drawbacks of a global strategy and sensitivity of cultural diversity. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course investigates management roles and some of the key elements that facilitate the success or failure of organizational change. Particular emphasis is placed on leading and managing individual, group, and organizational change. The course focuses on practical challenges faced by those tasked with leading and implementing change. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course introduces students to the principals and practices of ethics, sustainability, and responsibility at individual, organizational, and social levels. Students study the effects of ethical and unethical behavior on organizational success. Emphasis will be placed on the responsible management practices in the workplace. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course brings together the skills and knowledge gained throughout the management program. Students are assessed on their comprehensive knowledge of theories and concepts in management. The course focuses on managerial concepts and techniques developed in previous management courses. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order

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