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Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

This doctorate degree is for business professionals with advanced knowledge and experience, looking for a higher level of expertise and strategic insight. It is offered 100% online. It is an applied program, challenging you to solve current problems in your industry, lead in top executive positions, and address the complexities of today's business landscape with vision, knowledge, and clarity.

Unlike other DBA programs, you will not write a dissertation. Instead you will undertake an applied research-based doctoral project seeking a solution to a business challenge you're passionate about, that is integrated over the course of your program. The DBA is a 55 credit-hour program spread over three years.

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Courses include:

Students investigate relationships of business and society and how the human experience is affected and shaped through the social institution collectively known as business. Students examine complex interactions of people, businesses, and governments. Focus is on how these multifaceted interactions affect quality of life and economic value creation. Students examine social, ethical, political, legal, and regulatory implications of these relationships. The course explores how business leaders must achieve economic value creation while simultaneously providing meaning, purpose, and social value.
This course examines a number of ways leadership is perceived and practiced in global organizations. Accordingly, key theoretical perspectives and practical matters in leadership will be examined to determine desired leadership approaches in various cultures. Key topics include cultural diversity in organizations and ethical standards in multicultural leadership. Emphasis will be placed on complexity of diverse people, understanding and respecting differences, adaptive leadership, and ethical challenges of leading global multicultural organizations.
This course focuses on the development of human capital strategy that maximizes all human-derived sources of capital. Emphasis is placed on assessing and measuring human capital stocks and needs within the organization. Attention also is given to strategies that retain and motivate members to meet organizational needs while simultaneously looking for win/win partnerships between the organization and its employees and other stakeholders.
This course explores the interconnectivity of energy, environment, and business strategy. Strategies for adapting to the impact of environmental changes, energy production and consumption, and government policies are discussed. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which focuses on economic, social, and environmental impacts, and plays an increasing role in organizational strategy, is explored. Major federal environmental laws and a study of local policy and regulations relating to sustainable projects are introduced. Emphasis is placed on the role of lean sustainable quality leadership (LSQL) and a systems approach, to successfully lead an always-improving, waste-limiting, and sustainable company in harmony with the environment.
Students investigate and apply financial management principles and strategies used by business leaders and boardroom decision makers in the pursuit of long-term financial and organizational success. The course focuses on applications of core principles and techniques of financial strategy, benefit-cost-value cash flow analysis, value-based decision making, financial statement analysis and holistic communication of financial performance strategies.
This course provides the student with an examination of the interrelationship of company philosophy, purpose, and policy that are the foundation for strategy formulation and implementation. Topics include the role of the boards; business policy planning; long term economic, social, and cultural assessments; sustainable and adaptable value creation processes; competitive advantages; and organizational change.
This course concentrates on strengthening strategic marketing decisions within a firm by examining its current position in the market in comparison to competitors and determining where it should invest monetary and human capital. Emphasis will be put on aligning decisions with core beliefs, mission, and vision. A central focus will be the ethical decisions and implications on stakeholders and society. Examining the theoretical and empirical research along with identifying new entrants in the market and market disruptors will be explored to enhance decision-making.
This course covers promoting and marketing an entrepreneurial idea from its inception to the marketplace. The course is designed for exploring the unique marketing strategies required to exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. It will also focus on issues surrounding companies with high growth potential, and how sustainability and creativity is needed to develop innovative marketing for these environments. Students will practice with examples of early market disruption and innovation, explore their own creativity and work together on entrepreneurial ideas to solve contemporary business problems.
Organization survival requires constant adaptation, innovation and change. This course will address current issues, basic theories and practical strategies associated with organizational change and development in contemporary and global organizations, which are necessary for their enduring survival and success. It will cover the drivers of change, including the competitive environment, new technologies, consumer demand, economic conditions and government policy actions; why organizations fail to change; how to deal with resistance to change; how to plan for, implement, monitor and measure change; and the role of leaders and culture in effective change management.

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